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      Forum Rules:

      1) Be Nice.
      Don’t say something online that you wouldn’t say in real life. Bad attitudes, bullying, derogatory posts, offensive posts, name-calling, and all other general negativity won’t be tolerated. Respect the opinions of others, and never be insulting or disrespectful. If you disagree with someone, do so respectfully and acknowledge that others are entitled to their own perspective. Have a humble and helpful attitude.

      2) Keep it Clean.
      We strive to promote a professional atmosphere, so please demonstrate professional behavior. Do not post offensive, lewd, or profane words, gestures, emojis, language, slurs, slang, links, photos, videos, or music. Profanity of any kind will result in your post being automatically blocked and deleted. If it wouldn’t be considered appropriate for you to see/share/say/show in an office meeting, don’t post it here.

      3) Don’t Stir the Pot.
      Be respectful of all forum participants. Don’t pick fights or start conflicts. Avoid controversial topics that have nothing to do with our profession, such as politics, religion, etc. You can respectfully disagree with someone and explain your perspective in a non-confrontational way. Conduct yourself as you would at any professional meeting or event.

      4) Got Something to Sell or Promote? Don’t.
      No soliciting, begging, preaching, campaigning, selling, spam, advertising, or self-promotion of any kind. If you want to become one of our vendors, click here to apply. If you’re already one of our vendors, breaking this rule could result in your removal from our pool of vendors.

      General Posting Guidelines:

      1) Search First.
      If you have a question, or if you’re just wanting to discuss a specific topic, please do a search of the forums first, to see if the same or a similar topic has already been posted. It’s possible that your question has already been answered, or that there’s already an ongoing discussion about the topic you wanted to discuss. Try to join an existing conversation rather than starting a new one.

      2) Give Useful Post Titles.
      Be descriptive and specific with your post titles. Post titles like, “Quick question”, “Please help”, or “Opinions wanted” don’t give forum participants any idea about the topic(s) your post deals with. Give a short summary of your post in the post title. Refrain from using attention-getting post titles, clickbait, and all caps.

      3) What the Mods Say, Goes.
      Don’t argue with the Moderators. Our Moderators have the right to edit, delete, move, or close any thread or post as they see fit. They can move a post if they feel it’s in the wrong category or topic, they can close a thread if a newer/better/more active thread is available, they can delete threads that got out of hand or were offensive, and they can block and ban any user for any reason. All Moderator warnings, bans, blocks, and actions are at their discretion. Stay on the good side of a Moderator’s judgment calls.

      4) Don’t Cross-Post.
      Posting the same thing in multiple forums is not only rude, but it’s a waste of your time. Our Moderators will remove duplicated posts and topics.

      5) Stay on Topic.
      Categories and topics are there for a reason; try not to let secondary discussions take over.

      For the Rule Breakers:

      1) For a minor offense or your first offense, a Moderator may send you a message after editing/moving/removing the offending post/topic.

      2) For a moderate offense, or your second offense, a Moderator may send you a message after editing/moving/removing the offending post/topic.

      3) For a major offense, or your third offense, a Moderator may ban or block your account from participating in the forums. The length of time that you are disallowed forum privileges depends on the severity of the rule you broke, or how many offenses you have had.

      4) After your account has been banned or blocked from posting to the forums for any length of time, your next offense will result in your account being permanently banned/blocked for posting to the forums.

      If you have any questions, just ask! Thank you!


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