What is
Licks and Kicks?

Traditionally, the costly commission for talented and skilled arrangers is financially out of reach for many musical organizations, and being able to choose individual musical pieces for a custom show has been out of the question.

We want to reduce or eliminate financial limitations.

Licks and Kicks Music is a fresh, intuitive platform for superior custom arrangements from some of the best arrangers, composers and designers writing today.

On our website, you’ll find award-winning compositions by some of the finest arrangers creating music today. You’ll be able to listen to and view samples of works written for a variety of ensemble categories and skill levels.

How Does it Work?

We seek out the best and newest composers, arrangers, designers, and educators, offering them the ability to be profitable vendors on the open market with no upfront costs.

Band directors and drill instructors are invited to explore our easy-to-search database of fresh, quality products and materials, complete with samples and reviews. Complete shows can be purchased “as is”, or handpick “a-la-cart” pieces from different shows to create a unique package.

Finally, you have creative options!

Once selections have been purchased, the buyer receives a fully licensed product, including legal, copyrighted scores and parts. We even offer regional exclusivity, which can be added to any piece, package, or show for a nominal fee.

Our Mission Statement

We offer composers, arrangers, designers, and educators, the opportunity to be profitable vendors on the open market with no upfront costs;

We provide directors and instructors a searchable inventory of quality purchases, complete with samples and reviews;

We guarantee top-notch customer service and a simplified, safe, and secure financial transaction that protects both buyer and seller;

We promote communication and discussion among industry professionals of all experience levels and encourage an open community of knowledge sharing for the betterment of our industry as a whole.

This is where greatness begins.

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